what in the fuck does my sister think she’s doing?

god’s work

beyond bummed that i just had to cancel my appointment with alice carrier next week. sometimes life just throws you the hard punches :(

i hope somebody benefits from my misfortune though and gets my slot, and a kickass tattoo by alice :)


All seeing pizza eye for @drippyeyez #myfriendsarecoolerthanyours(Super zoomed in, this is about to size of a 50 cent piece)
Holy shit this picture blew up in the past few days. I realized I never said where I took it. The EMP at their awesome Doctor Who anniversary celebration. Happy to see so many people appreciate the Doctor’s wisdom
My blogging cycle

Oct-April blog all day everyday
April-June totally unfiltered, mass game of thrones posts
June-Sept bye it’s summer in Seattle man no time for this shit

Sat out in the Seattle sunshine for 10 minutes during my lunch and now have the sexiest heat rash all over my legs mmmmmmmmmm